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Robin was brought up in the church choosing to have no clue of who Jesus Christ was or what He did on Calvary. She went to all the Wednesday night youth meetings playing the church game. She led a double life switching masks depending on what setting she was in. She would go to wild parties on Friday and Saturday night sleeping with whatever boy caught her attention first. Sunday morning would come rolling around and she would be the biggest hypocrite you could imagine.

Her parents were unaware of what their daughter was really like; she had them convinced she was a spiritual pillar in the youth meetings and she would “pray” for anyone needing prayer she would also “counsel” the troubled sheep in the group. She laid hands on other young people and the power of God would heal them of their health issues, breaking  drug addictions and homosexual tendencies.

 She would occasionally preach and the anointing of Jesus Christ would fill her words causing the unsaved youth, in the meeting, to fall on their knees crying out to Jesus to save them and forgive their sinful lifestyles. Robin was oblivious of the Lord’s moving through her because she did not care about God, His kingdom or serving Him. Her church had no idea of how she really was but sooner or later her sin would find her out. She was heading for a major fall before her parents and the church as a whole. She could talk to you for hours about Calvary but she did not live in the freedom and forgiveness Jesus offered by his death on Calvary!

One late Friday night Robin and her partying friends hit the cocaine hard then decided to go for a ride in the city. Robin showing her partners her driving prowess, weaved in and out of bumper to bumper freeway traffic. All in the car were whooping it up and enjoying the moment; then the unexpected happened! Robin weaved one too many times in oncoming traffic and smashed head on into a bright blue Semi killing the other four passengers and seriously injuring herself. She was rushed in an ambulance to the nearest hospital in critical condition hanging on by a thread to life.

The policeman to arrive first on the scene of the wreck; notified her parents of her life threatening situation. She told them if Robin survived her injuries (which didn’t look real promising) she would go on trial for killing her four friends riding in the car. The parents of the deceased were hurting and angry at the loss of their children; each set of parents vowed they would sue Robin’s parents for the death of their children. The lawsuits running into the millions would bankrupt her parents for life; there being no natural way to pay all the financial obligations that would come out of this litigation. Their financial meltdown was the least of their worries having their only daughter fighting for her life; knocking loudly on death’s door. Doctors were not optimistic she would live through the night from her heavy internal bleeding. Doctors put her in a drug induced coma in hopes of stabilizing her vital signs so she could be operated on to save her life.

Robin’s parents held a bedside prayer vigil both clutching her hands and imploring God to intervene in the crisis and save her life. Guess what? Against all human odds, Jesus intervened and miraculously healed Robin early that morning. Robin woke out of her coma; immediately turning her life over to   Jesus asking Him to save her and forgive her of her sins. Her repentance was genuine but she was not out of the woods by a long shot. The family had some overwhelming obstacles to overcome. Jesus was there in the middle of their chaos showing them the way out. Robin was no longer the church imposter!

For with God nothing shall be impossible. Luke 1:37

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Added On 08/14/2015 
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