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 The Wrong Side of the Fence

Muriel was the one everyone thought was weird. She was always picked on in school and had the self-image the size of a mustard seed. She had black dyed hair, a pale face and she was very skinny. Her eyes were as black as coals. She wore black eye liner and black eye shadow. She even wore black lipstick. You see Muriel was a witch and she made no effort to hide it. She was not a witch in the “mean” sense but she was a witch serving the devil. He sold her soul to Satan at the age of 16 she was now 20. She moved up the ladder of her witch covenant quite rapidly. She hated Christians and the God of their religion- Jesus

Christians had tried to share the gospel with Muriel in the past but she was so vehemently against it she would spit in their faces and curse them until her face turned beet red. She vowed she would never give her life over to Jesus and that she would curse every Christian that crossed her path. She had been practicing witchcraft for 4 years and she has become very seasoned in that field of study. She was a regular attendee at the services of her covenant. They sacrificed animals and did other unspeakable ritualistic events during their services. She started a home business telling people’s fortunes and reading tarot cards. It became a very lucrative business for her but the only drawback in her mind was her parents and siblings did not understand what she had delved into and why she became so depressed and moody all the time.

She tried to explain that she had become spiritually enlightened since she became a witch. Her family did not understand this dramatic change of lifestyle she had made. In the beginning they thought she was just going through a teenage stage, but when it turned into one year then 2 years… now it was 4 years they became very concerned. Muriel’s parents tried to take her to the priest to have her exorcised but she fought them tooth and nail. She slapped her mom repeatedly kicked her and bit her to the point that she made her mom bleed. Her dad tried unsuccessfully to reel her in and take her to the priest. She slugged him and scratched him so severely she scarred his arms and face. Her parents were so frustrated they just outright kicked her out of the house. She refused to leave and handcuffed herself to her bed. The police were called in and had to physically remove her from the premises she screamed bloody murder and many atrocities at her parents. She vowed she would come back and kill her parents and her brother and sister. “I WILL BE BACK AND I WILL KILL YOU; I WILL KILL EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU! DO YOU HEAR ME! I HATE YOU MOM AND DAD AND I WISH YOU WERE DEAD! DEAD!  YOU ARE DEAD! Muriel’s countenance contorted so much she didn’t look human anymore.


Finally, the police subdued her and wrestled her into the car. They drove her to the station and had to put her into a straightjacket to keep her stabilized and under control. Within the hour they transported her to the local mental institution which became her new home.  She was assigned to the” lonely ward” or as it was known in the institution solitary confinement. She screamed all night and day non-stop “HAIL SATAN! HAIL SATAN! It became so upsetting to the other patients, in the hospital; they had to put her in their antiquated wing which had not been used in decades. All they could do was bring her three meals a day and leave her alone in her room like a caged animal. She was so steeped in the occult the only hope she had for deliverance was the Lord Jesus Christ. Her psychiatrist, Dr. Nelson, was a born again   Christian who would eventually begin counseling her back to reality. God never gives up on anyone! 6months into her therapy with Dr. Nelson she began to ask questions about Jesus and the bible. The power of God had deeply touched her heart through her contact with Dr. Nelson. She slowly began to change and she stopped wearing the black lipstick and black eye shadow. She let her dyed black hair turn back to her natural blonde color; she began to put on weight. She looked human again and she really was quite a pretty young woman. One day she shocked Dr. Nelson by asking him to lead her in a prayer to accept Jesus Christ as her Savior. Dr. Nelson sensed a demonic presence in Muriel. He sprang into action: “SATAN I COMMAND YOU TO LEAVE HER NOW IN JESUS NAME.” Immediately her eyes rolled back and she fell flat on her back and her body went lymph like she was dead. Dr. Nelson knelt over her and prayed she revived and sat up. Dr. Nelson helped her to her feet and led her in a prayer of salvation. Jesus never loses!


Then Jesus demanded, “What is your name?” And he replied, “My name is Legion, because there are many of us inside this man.”         Matthew 5:9

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Added On 08/14/2015 
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