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 A very Dysfunctional Family

Hilda was known to the school officials as “The Star” she was 5’11 tall, slender and the local high school basketball star. She had waist long brunette hair with sparkling hazel eyes. All the boys hung around her for two reasons: She was athletic and very good-looking. She did not look like your typical abuse victim nor did she act like one. She came from a wealthy but dysfunctional home where her father had physically abused her and her mother for years. It was public knowledge that her Father was an alcoholic who would regularly beat up her mother. He came from an abusive background and carried that behavior right into his own family life from day 1.

Hilda had tried to break up the wars between her parents but usually ended in the hospital from multiple injuries sustained from her father. The worst act of abuse was when Hilda’s father was hitting her mother with a baseball bat cracking bones right and left. Hilda ran into the middle of the fray grabbing the bat from her dad and wrestling him for control of the weapon. Her dad won that fight and hit her so hard over the head with the bat that he cracked her skull and she was in the hospital for six months for that injury. Her brunette colored hair was covered in blood from the head injury; fortunately she suffered no brain damage.

 Furniture would be flying (as well as bodies) glass breaking everywhere; it sounded like an earthquake hit the house every time there was an altercation.  The police would be summoned the Father would be taken to jail for domestic abuse and be back in the house a few days later. Hilda and her mom were so mind controlled they would accept him back into the house with open arms. Several of the bigger boys at school, offered to go over to Hilda’s house and severely beat some sense into her dad. She never did take up those offers but she sure thought about it. Their family lawyer repeatedly pressed Hilda’s mom to get a restraining order then to divorce him. She refused on the grounds that he really did love Hilda and her; also Hilda needed a male “role model” in her formative years. The kind of Father he was; Hilda openly said he was the worst role model any child could ever have. She still loved him deeply because he was her father she; despite all the brutal beatings he gave Hilda and her mother.

There was grave concern, in the community, that one of these times Hilda’s father would kill Hilda or her mother in one of his drunken rages.  He was becoming more violent and abusive as the years rolled by. Sadly, he never admitted to having a drinking problem or being an abuser. Hilda and her mother could not come to grips that he was an abuser either. He had them convinced things would get better and that he would stop drinking someday. Tragically, the day never came and the community fears were realized; on that fateful Saturday night Hilda’s father went into a drunken rage and went berserk beating his wife to death. Hilda happened to be playing in a school basketball game that night in another city. The local authorities went to the game and broke the heartbreaking news to her.  She hysterically broke down on the court and they quickly escorted her off.

She would not be consoled and cursed God for letting her mother die at the hands of her father. She would never forgive her Father for this one last act of murderous brutality. She carried her bitterness and unforgiveness for her father to her grave. The Lord was able to get into the middle of this mess and

touch Hilda’s father’s heart and save him on death row. Hilda’s father is a classic example of the Lord being able to save anyone no matter how far off the beaten path they have walked on. It is never too late for any person to be saved by Jesus Christ. Ask Hilda’s father!

A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out, till he has brought justice through to victory. Matthew 12:20

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Added On 08/14/2015 
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