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Wolfgang was an intellectual scientist in every sense of the word. He was raised in Germany in a home where they worshipped science as the only god in and above the earth. They believed science answered all the questions of life. Creation was a foolish model there was no God who created everything by the word of His mouth. Everything including the human race was created from the big bang theory and all the complexities of the universe developed from this initial bang.

Jesus brought many Christians into Wolfgang’s path to turn his reason toward God and put simple faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ. Wolfgang fought the Lord every step of the way and he didn’t even know it was the Lord who was bringing these Christians into his life. Wolfgang was civil at first debating with these Christian intellectuals about God, science and creation. They would even delve into the origins of the human race. The debates raged and so did Wolfgang; he became very violent in latter discussions. He resorted to physical violence in his most recent discussion; he was debating a Christian woman scientist, in front of an auditorium full of people, when things went crazy.

She shot down every argument he presented with scriptural and scientific proofs that he could not naturally refute. Jesus was helping the Christian Scientist with His divine wisdom, when Wolfgang went ballistic; he sprang out of his chair and lunged at the woman scientist. He hit her broadside and knocked her to the floor; he was about to stomp her head but security guards wrestled him to the ground before he could seriously injure her.  He was arrested and charged with assault with intent to cause bodily harm. Wolfgang could be sentenced to 5-10 years in prison if the Christian Scientist pressed charges against him and if he went to trial.

The next day in jail the Christian Scientist visited Wolfgang, but he was less than cordial and again tried to assault her to everyone’s amazement! Wolfgang now sealed his fate; he was sure to get 25 years in prison for two counts of aggravated assault. A couple of weeks went by while Wolfgang rotted in jail waiting for what his future held. Rhonda, the Christian Scientist, had stayed away from Wolfgang   praying for the Lord’s wisdom on how to handle this crisis with her enemy Wolfgang. The Lord brought Proverbs 25:22 to her in prayer,” In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head,
and the Lord will reward you.” Rhonda went to the jail and dropped all charges against Wolfgang and payed his bail of $1,000 dollars freeing him from his incarceration. She asked the legal authorities to keep it silent about who paid his bail and how the charges were dropped.

Wolfgang, being the jerk he was didn’t care who dropped the charges or who paid his bail. He went on his way making no effort to apologize to Rhonda or make any type of restitution to her. The next month God’s hand was so heavy on Wolfgang he could no longer fight the truth that there was a God and that Jesus died for his sins. He finally contacted Rhonda tearfully apologized for all he had done to her and asked her if Jesus would forgive him of his sins as she had forgiven him! Rhonda had heaped burning coals on her enemy!

In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head, and the Lord will reward you. Proverbs 25:22   

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Added On 08/14/2015 
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