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 Mid-Life Dreamer

Smokey was a crazy man who had a dramatic mid-age crisis. This 50-year- old man longed to re-ignite the torrid days of yesteryear. He wanted to be 21- years- old again. It was time for Smokey to grow up and stop living in the past. This childhood fantasy would cost him dearly; He lost his family, friends, job and home. Needless to say he lost multiple affairs with much younger women as well. Would he ever learn? Will it cost him his last valuable possession his life?  Let’s find out.

Smokey was a younger women magnet in his heyday; he would attract them like Don Juan of old. He had thick, brown, wavy hair with a robust mustache and movie star looks. He had a charismatic personality which did not hurt his cause with the ladies. He went to the Harvard business school earning his Master’s in business; he graduated number 1 in his program. The man oozed with talent and he put his gifts to good use early in life. He started his own company and it took off becoming one of the top fortune 500 companies in the world. He married a beautiful movie actress and they had 3 wonderful children. Smokey became a millionaire almost overnight at 25; the sky held no limits for him.

All went well until he hit the dramatic age of 50. Suddenly, yesteryear slipped through his grasp; He now found himself in an imaginary time warp where he longed to be 21 again. The mid- life crisis reared its ugly head in Smokey’s life and eventually destroyed him and everything he held dear. It started when he looked in the mirror noticing his hair had somehow disappeared. His muscles had somehow gone south and he had fat in places he could never imagine. He desperately sought  to re-ignite  his youthful luster? He bought a brand new sports car, and then spent thousands more on a whole new wardrobe. Just like that he ran up a credit card debt of $150,000. Smokey went absolutely crazy spending money right and left; accumulating an outrageous debt of 1.5 million dollars within 6 months.

He lost his moral restraint and started cheating on his wife in grand style. His big attraction with the younger ladies was money. He was “the sugar daddy” to more woman than he could keep up with and he made the biggest mistake of his life! He was going at it in bed (in his own bed of all places) when his wife stormed in and caught him right in the act. She grabbed the nearby rifle and started shooting she missed the young lady but nicked Smokey on the side of the face. Smokey and his friend dove through the nearby window barely escaping with their hides intact. Needless to say Smokey’s marriage ended there and his children ex-communicated him for his many discretions.

His family destroyed his reputation and business, shouting from the rooftops, that he was unfaithful in his marriage and spent all his money on his young friends and his venture to reach the elusive eternal fountain of youth. Unfortunately, the financial setbacks were too damaging for Smokey to recover from and everything in life went up in smoke. The empire he built came crashing down all around him; inevitably he filed for bankruptcy and he was a goner!

Smokey hit the bottle like wildfire drinking into a spinning stupor. He stumbled to the elevator of his penthouse apartment and took it to the top. He walked the length of the sixteen story rooftop building peering over the edge; everything spinning below him out of control. Just as he lost his footing and started to fall a strong arm reached out and grabbed his body effortlessly back to the roof. He whirled around looking to the right and left there was no one in sight; but Smokey was very much alive and standing on the rooftop. He flew down the stairs and opened his bible to Psalm 91:11 “For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.” Smokey fell to the ground weeping!

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Added On 08/14/2015 
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