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 The Hit Man

Leon was, a good Catholic man, in every sense but one he was a member of the “family”. The “mob” as known in Italian circles; is the organization that puts “hits” on their competition and hires out its members to kill for large sums of money. Leon known as “the hit man” because he specialized in murdering people with silencers attached to the end of his guns. He was quick, clean and efficient. His trademark murder would be to shoot the human target right between the eyes. He never missed from 25 yards out and was a perfect shot hitting his victim every time. Leon was the hit man of choice because he never left any clues behind he would shoot than exit the scene as quickly as he came.

The intended victims wouldn’t have a chance the shots would come from any direction hitting them right in the forehead usually killing them instantly. The shots were never heard so where the bullets came from was impossible to know. The victims could have body guards all around them but it didn’t make a difference; Leon would just shoot right through the wall of people, murdering the victims anyway. Leon being the “nice” man he was would shoot anyone; no matter what their age or line of work was. Leon had no conscience he was as cold as they came. His exterminate rate was $1,000,000 per common person, $5,000,000 for dignitaries. He once said, “I would kill anyone  for the right price.” Leon’s was thirty years old and his career goal was to retire at 35 years old and kill 100 people by the time he reached that age; he was well on his way having snuffed out 75 people.

The police had no idea of how to stop him and the mob was not about to help their cause; one of the most important rules in the Italian organization was to never give up one of your own. Leon was a pleasant looking man; moderately built about 5’10” tall. He was a very sharp dresser always clad in very expensive three piece suits. He smelled like cigarettes which drowned out the underlying cologne he’d pour on himself every morning. He looked like an ordinary guy who loved his wife and three children very much. He faithfully attended Catholic mass on Saturday nights because he would be flying to one part of the world or the other on Sunday to “work”.

Leon provided very nicely for his family but they had no idea what he did for a living, he lied to them telling them he was a traveling salesman for a worldwide internet provider. His “specialty” was selling internet services to Fortune 500 companies. Leon and his wife have been married for 15 years and if she knew what his real occupation was; she and the kids would be gone in a flash. Little did she know the man of her dreams was a serial killer for the mob.

Leon exited the airport in Ireland to take out his next victim; the President of the country was the target of choice.( This job would go a lot different than Leon was expecting; he was in for a big surprise that would bring his career to a grinding halt.) He perched upon the building overlooking the street where the political parade would pass by. The President was an easy target in the open limousine he traveled in; security was tight because the President’s Secret Service team expected a threat to materialize.

The limousine came into view and Leon set the sights on his gun; he aimed, pulled the trigger but the shot went awry as the Secret Service agent pulled the gun out of his hands. Leon was thrown to the ground face first; handcuffed and placed under arrest.  The agent slammed the butt of the gun over his head knocking him cold. They took to jail and booking him for attempted murder. The long arm of the law finally caught up to Leon. The only One that could help Leon now was Jesus but Leon was looking in the wrong direction.

“I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Hebrews 13:5

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Added On 08/14/2015 
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