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 The Hunter Becomes the Hunted

Xavier was one of those elite Russians picked to be a member of the Soviet Anti-Christian forces. You had to be in the top 5 percent academically, physically and emotionally to make this elite force. Xavier was one of the top military recruits in Russia. He enjoyed his job immensely at first but then his attitude turned in the other direction as he started hating the way they were manhandling the Christians in Russia. 1 year into the assignment he grew disenchanted and disgusted with the workings of the terrorist organization.

The upper command had no regard for the Christians giving their “enforcers” brutal and inhuman commands; regarding how to break up their services. Bringing them in at all cost was the way of the day for this terrorist organization. Their preferred method of operation was to kill the “Christian infidels” instead of arresting them and bringing them into police headquarters. The organization sickly rewarded those who treated the Christians with the most brutality, with promotions and very lucrative pay raises. Murdering was highly encouraged and those who showed any trace of compassion toward them would be severely disciplined and sometimes killed.

These sadistic methods combined with the recurring nightmarish images of bodies, heaped up in piles and dismembered began to haunt Xavier. Initially, he enjoyed the adrenalin high being able to exert that much control and power over other people. He loved to terrorize his fellow Russians torturing them right before he killed them. He was one of the top murders on these “cleansing” missions. The Lord began to slowly change his thinking as time wore on. Xavier started dreading going into the deep forests to break up the meetings , then participate in mass murdering those who were unfortunate not to escape the military raids. He became so disenchanted with the brutal routines that after one he became violently ill and threw up. His comrades in arms heckled him belittled him for not being a “man”.

Xavier paid no attention to their humiliating comments as his conscience began  torturing his mind. He planned in detail how he would escape from Russia and get away from this insanity once and for all. He set his escape for the summer of that year; he would take a weekend furlough and never return! The quickest but not easiest route for escape would be to swim the Bering Strait between Russia and Canada. He knew all too well that even if he did escape the “organization” would send out intelligence officers who would eventually track him down and kill him. It didn’t matter he had to get out!

The day of liberation was at hand, Xavier made his way to the coast about midnight; it was very dark eerie night. He quickly stripped down to his trunks and dove into subzero waters. The swim normally took two hours but Xavier was in swimming with a 50lb. pack on his back which carried his basic survival necessities. He swam for an eternity; every muscle in his body on fire; feeling like they would burst out of his body any instant. Five hours later his body just gave out in exhaustion; he was close enough to see the Canadian coast line. He couldn’t swim another foot then he passed out… He woke up on the rocky beach not knowing how he got there. He coughed up an ocean full of water before he finally emptied himself. Losing consciousness again, two young fishermen found him lying on the beach. He looked like a lifeless heap sprawled out there on the rocks. They unfastened his pack and dragged it and him to their nearby car. They drove north to their seaside fishing village stopping at the church. Pastor Hines, saw their headlights through his kitchen window; rushed out meet them. The three of them carried Xavier into the parsonage. Xavier was a short but burly man weighing about 200 lbs. His hair was cut very short in traditional military style. He was a load for the three of them to handle. They finally carried him into the Pastor’s guest room putting him into bed for a life-saving sleep.

 Xavier woke up the next day confused and unaware of his surroundings. The pastor came in and brought him a hot meal and sat… Xavier finally talked and told the pastor what had happened over the last couple of years. The pastor strongly recommended that  Xavier go to the Canadian authorities and tell them of the atrocities the organization was inflicting on the Christians; Xavier agreed and the pastor set up a meeting with the Canadian Intelligence agency the following week. The authorities set up a live webcast with Xavier that would be broadcasted to the governments of the world. Xavier’s story caused quite a stir in International circles. The Russian organization denied everything saying the allegations were totally fabricated and unfounded.

Xavier asked about this Jesus he had been persecuting all that time during his terror of reign with the Russian terrorist organization. The pastor explained the way of salvation to Xavier and he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Not surprisingly one year later, Xavier was found and murdered by his former employers. He was now in heaven finally free!


“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”                                                                                                                               2Corithians 5:17

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Added On 08/14/2015 
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