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 The Moonwalk

Steve was always fascinated with space, the planets and the stars. He dreamed of being an astronaut someday. Everyone said He was crazy and would never achieve his dream of becoming an astronaut and walking on the moon. Steve ignored all the negative talk springing up around him and went on with his vision. He envisioned He would be the first human to ever set foot on the moon, and walk on that mysterious white, glowing ball set like a painting in the night sky.  His parents, brothers and sisters laughed at him every time he talked about his career goals. Years of negative talk finally wore Steve out and he went down a very different path in life.

Steve just reached the point where he said, “The heck with this stupid, idiotic dream, their right I’m too stupid and I don’t have the physical strength to enter and complete the space training program.” Steve was what you would call your classic 90LB. weakling. He was beset with every childhood disease imaginable and the onslaught of these sicknesses left him frail and very small for his age.  He wore thick glasses that looked like two coke bottles covering his face. His parents and all that knew him were glad he finally came to his senses and gave up this stupid fantasy.

Steve started experimenting with beer and he really enjoyed getting drunk. It did not take many beers for him to get drunk because his body was so small and weak. He “graduated” to hard liquor and went to Bartending School to finesse his “skills” at making drinks. Steve landed a job at the “hot spot” of Chicago which turned out to be his undoing. He started bartending at the place and immediately started drowning himself in alcohol; He went to another level, when he started stealing drinks while he was working. First, he would sneak a drink here and there, and then he started drinking heavily swiping drinks every hour. He reached the point where he was swiping drinks 2 or three times an hour. How did he go from stars, planets and wanting to be an astronaut to a public drunk? What about his dream of being the first man to walk on the moon?  Those around him thought the negative input he received his whole life just finally broke his spirit sending him spiraling down the road of no return.

He was belligerent with the customers; he even threw a drink in one lady’s face. That was the last straw the bouncer literally picked him up and threw him out the door, telling him to never show his face in the bar again. Steve drove home; He was so drunk behind the wheel he couldn’t even see the road. There was a young married couple walking across the street with their children.  The family never saw Steve’s car because he neglected to turn his headlights on while driving. He plowed into them at 70mph; they    never knew what hit them. He was so intoxicated he never knew he hit them and he just kept driving right through. Surprising he made it to his apartment; Passing out in his car.

The next morning he was awakened by a knock on his car window it was the police. “Are you Steve Johnson?” “Yes I am.” “You’re under arrest for committing vehicular manslaughter late last night!”  “No, No I was home all night watching videos.” “Don’t lie to us you were working at a bar last night and you assaulted a customer prompting the bouncer threw you out. Son you are looking at a long stretch in prison.” Despite all the trouble Steve fell into, Jesus was there and He finally led Steve home. His grandmother’s prayers were answered!

 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.                            Jeremiah29:11

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Added On 08/14/2015 
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