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 The Spy Who Went to Russia

Charles, a high ranking CIA official volunteered for the spy assignment of a lifetime. He went to Russia under the guise of being an American defector who was weary of the American lifestyle and wanted a fresh start in communist Russia. He was assigned to the second highest civilian post in the government; right under the President of Russia. At this time the cold war between Russia and the United States was at its height, the two superpowers were feverishly trying to win the nuclear arms race by developing and building the most advanced and destructive weapons known to man. The country with the biggest and deadliest arsenal would be declared the “winner.”  Charles assignment was to stop the insanity taking place in Russia.

Charles was fluent in Russian which was critical to be a believable defector to Russia. He would be running in very powerful circles having to speak Russian constantly; so his accent and pronunciation had to be perfect. He studied for years to bring himself up to speed for this crucial assignment that had the world’s future hanging on the line. Charles knew his life would be snuffed out instantly, if the Russian government ever caught wind that he was a high CIA official spying on the infrastructure of their nuclear program.

Charles caught on to their system quickly and started messaging the United States with critical details of their plans for manufacturing nuclear weapons that were specifically banned in earlier nuclear treaties. The Russians also planned to destroy the United States with strategically placed missiles in Cuba and inter- continental long range missiles placed in specific spots in Russia, that would be launched to strike specific critical industrial and military complexes   throughout the U.S. Russia would then be the lone standing superpower left on a nuclear wasteland called earth.

Charles blended into this godless society that, worshiped man and his intellect, as the premiere god in the universe. He continued to gather intelligence information and transmit it to the United States. Any mention of God, Jesus or Christianity would be severely dealt with usually ending in death. Propaganda was a very powerful weapon in this country and ideas were the most effective psychological force to influence policies within the government ranks. Charles began his sabotage by planting ideas of the futility of engaging in a nuclear war with the United States to the Russian President. “Sir what is the point of striking the United States with our nuclear arsenal if there is no other country left standing including ours?” “Charles for the glory of Russia we shall destroy the United States and be the lone superpower left on earth. We plan on dominating the earth and filling it with our communist ways. The life of Russia is the life of the world”. “President again I ask you if there are no countries left on the earth after the massive radiation fallout  from the nuclear missiles hitting the U.S. Russia will have nothing to rule over.” “Russia will survive and be the dominating power!”

Charles realized it was pointless to try and break the President’s mindset through propaganda; so he resorted to a more dramatic method to change the President’s mind once and for all. He would murder the President of Russia. If he was able to carry out the murder successfully he could break the backbone of the government; sending chaos and disunity through the whole structure setting their crazy plans into oblivion. He would use a rifle with a sniper and literally blow his head off during a “meeting” there would be a big mess but no noise. Charles requested a meeting with the President to discuss the latest deployment of missiles along the Siberian coast. The two met at 10:00 am in the President’s office on the east end of his mansion. Charles hid the rifle parts in his briefcase; halfway through the meeting Charles excused himself to go the restroom. He entered the bathroom assembled the rifle quietly but quickly hiding it under his jacket he had slung over his arm. He tried one last time to reason with the leader; the president became belligerent not listening to Charles peaceful propaganda arguments.

The President turned away from Charles to review his speech he would deliver to the Russian assembly the next day. Charles wasted no time he pulled out the rifle aimed at the President’s head pulled the trigger and the leader slumped over in his chair minus a critical body part. Charles calmly left the house and went about his day like nothing ever happened. How would he get to get out of Russia and back to the U.S. In the midst of all this and his exposure to this godless philosophy he began to think is there really a Jesus and God that this government so adamantly hated and raved against.


For with God nothing shall be impossible. Luke 1:37

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Added On 08/14/2015 
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