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 Welcome Back to Civilization

Andrew Johnson was a much abused teenager in the suburbs of Boston. He was woefully neglected and left in the basement tied to a bed post. Local neighbors thought it was mighty strange to hear the howling noises that would permeate the neighborhood throughout the night.  The Johnsonís were an odd lot that sorely stuck out in the neighborhood. Their yard was infested with weeds and the paint and trim on the house was faded and peeling in obvious spots. The neighborhood was very attractive except for their house! The neighbors had complained for years about the unhealthy appearance of the house and the howling noises coming from the basement late at night.

Social Services, the Health Department and the Police made many trips out the house over the years. The Johnsonís successfully deflected them each time they paid a visit to the house. This particular time the Johnsonís abandoned their home for good leaving it desolate. The howling continued but now was going on in daylight hours as well as night. Once again Social Services went out to the residence; this time no one answered the door and the howling was louder than ever. The agents broke the door down and were greeted with the most obnoxious smell imaginable. They quickly opened the doors and all the windows leading out of the house. They traced the howling to the basement and saw a sight they will never forgetÖ

There tied to a bed post, in the basement, was what looked like a human teenager! He had long, brown, matted up dirty hair, his nails were grown out like claws and he had a beard longer than any of the social workers had ever seen. He smelled so bad the odor clung to his body and he was living in his waste products. His bones were sticking out and he couldnít have weighed more than 110 lbs. One of the workers had to run outside and throw up because the smell and the sight of the abused teenager were too much for him. This was one of the worst neglected human beings these seasoned professionals had ever seen.

They found his birth certificate in a nearby dresser drawer this name appearing on it: Andrew Johnson. They had to sedate Andrew to remove him from the house; he put up one ferocious fight. They had to put  him in a strait jacket once they got him back to Social Services. The first thing they did was to make him look human again; they shaved him, cut his nails and gave him a much needed haircut. Of course they bathed him for a good long time. Actually he was quite a good looking young man with short brown, wavy hair and bright green puppy looking eyes.

Andrew did learn how to talk it was a long, slow painful process but he did it. He had put on 15 lbs. and he was looking much healthier. He was a very intelligent young man and quickly achieved the learning level he should be at. The pastor of a local church found Andrew in the local home shelter and adopted him; he was so moved by his plight. The pastor shared Jesus with Andrew and that very day Andrew was adopted into the family of God forever! This is one family that will never abandon Andrew.

For the LORD will not reject his people; he will never forsake his inheritance. Psalm 94:14

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Added On 08/14/2015 
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