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 What is wrong with Me?

Harry was considered weird and a social outcast. He had thick glasses and his hair was always sloppy and dirty. He always said the wrong thing in highly visible social settings. People shied away from him because he was “different.” His clothes were different and his way of thinking was different. He viewed life through a different lens than other people. People just thought Harry was weird and out of touch with reality.

Harry lay in his frumpled bed wondering why am I like this, tears streaming down his freckled, rotund face. Why do I always say stupid things when I am around other people? I laugh at things other people don’t think are funny. I always feel like an outcast in a group of people.  I never take care of my appearance and my personal hygiene is shoddy at best. I just don’t care about myself. I have always been different all my life. My parents have always treated me like I was a dummy and that I could never do anything for myself.  When I look in the mirror I see an ugly duckling that is fat and homely. Why should I take showers and smell good?  No one would notice me anyway. Why did God make me this way? I am just a weird, social outcast who will never fit into life normally. I will never have any friends because my thinking is so odd and way out in left field. I always walk to a different drummer than anyone else.  What is the point of living…?

Harry planned to take his life that weekend because he was weary of his existence. He was tired of being alone and getting strange looks from people everywhere he went. He was tired of his sloppy looking clothes and his thick glasses that looked like a pair of binoculars on his face. He was tired of being dirty all the time and having stringy, greasy hair.  He just did not have any motivation to go on living in his lonely, dark and depressed world anymore. Harry had been depressed for a long time and now felt he had reached the point of despair from which there was no return.

Harry carefully planned his suicide: He would wait until this weekend when his parent’s went on their 50th anniversary get away. He wanted to end his life quickly and painlessly as he could. He would lock all the doors leading into the garage. He would than close all the doors to his car and plug up the muffler. The end result he thought would be simple and quick-asphyxiation and it would be all over for him. No one would care or know the difference. Today was Monday and Harry nervously waited for Friday night to come. He ran the suicidal scenario over in his mind a thousand times.  

Finally, Friday night came and Harry made all his plans for his final curtain call. Just as he set everything up and was about to start the car engine he was interrupted … “Harry I love you! Harry I died for you! You are fearfully and wonderfully made and I thought so much of you I gave my life for you a long time ago.” Who is this?”” It is Jesus and I want to be your friend.”  Harry heard about Jesus from the bible programs his parents had watched in the past. “Harry thought there was hope after all!

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm139:14

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Added On 04/30/2015 
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