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  The Overcomer

Byron was a geek with thick rimmed glasses that made his eyes look so big he looked like an owl. He was small, compact and built like a tank. The only problem, he had as much self-confidence as a deflated tire. The fighters in the school knew this fact all too well and beat Byron up every chance they had. Byron would shut down every time the punches flew. He would throw his hands over his head start crying and run away from the action.  There was never a fight Byron won because he would never fight back!

He would come home with scratches all over his face, bruises on his arms and black eyes like they were going out of style. His parents demanded he fight back and protect himself. He said he was too scared despite the fact that he could bench press 300 lbs. in the high school weight room. His parents just threw up their hands and walked out of the room in disgust. Byron every morning before he went to school would get so sick from fear he would throw up and be nauseous all day.

 This one particular day in January a gang of fighters surrounded Byron. One of them tore his glasses off his face and threw them on the ground and started stomping on them. Another one hit Byron in the mouth and went to hit him again… but something snapped in “the geek” and he fought back. He grabbed the one who hit him in the mouth by the neck and started punching him in the face. He kicked the other one, who broke his glasses, in the head. He kicked him until he was unconscious and left the one he hit in the face several times in a pool of blood.

He went berserk knocking down every one of the bullies to the ground that surrounded him; he started kicking them in the head. It took four adult men to pull him away from the gang of schoolmates he had just taken out in minutes. All those years of bitterness, hurt and shame came bursting out of him and he took that pent up rage out on those high school bullies. Byron went to the principal’s office held on either side by the 4 men who wrestled him to the ground. Good bet he would have killed those students if the adults would not have intervened and stopped him. The principal called the police who came to school arresting Byron for attempted murder.

Because of the severity of the attack, Byron would be tried as an adult who could be sentenced to life in prison. Byron pleads innocent saying it was self-defense; he said if he didn’t fight for his life the perpetrators would have beaten him to death. Byron’s lawyer argued brilliantly that Byron was in his right state of mind in the fight and that he was literally defending his life.

The closing arguments were presented and the jury retired to decide Byron’s fate. The jury couldn’t decide if Byron was innocent or guilty of attempted murder; Byron was released from jail pending retrial.

Byron didn’t get picked on anymore in school whenever he walked the hallways or the school grounds everyone walked on the other side from him. He would defend the weaker ones in school who were being harassed by the bigger kids. When the aggressors saw Byron coming to defend the ones getting picked on they would quickly stop the attack and run from the scene. Byron who used to be intimidated was now intimidating.

One Day Byron heard some Christians talking about the Great Warrior. Who is this Great Warrior your talking about he asked. They shared Jesus Christ with him; the power of God hit Byron so hard it was like someone punched him in the stomach. Byron couldn’t resist the love that surrounded him and comforted him unconditionally. He accepted Jesus Christ right there on the spot. Jesus had finally made Byron the overcomer! His self-confidence was now rooted in Jesus.

“But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” I Corinthians 15:57

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Added On 08/14/2015 
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