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 About the prayer breakfast of the harlot of Babylon. Chapter 3

Freemasonry is the most common ideological code today. Chapter 3

The main doctrine of Freemasonry is that it considers all the world's religious to be sects, but Freemasonic religion non-sectarian. Although Freemasonry attracts people of all faiths, it rejects the supreme authority of all religions, even Judaism. All religious stereotypes of the world-view and perception of the world and the teachings of all religions are insignificant for the Masons. Simply speaking Masonic apologists say to all religions the following: "Leave your religions and your foundations on the threshold of the lodge, come in, we'll teach you everything, including new morality and new conscience." It is believed that Freemasonry is the most intelligible and widespread ideological code of the modern age. It is believed that the universal preaching of tolerance and political correctness is one of the most important manifestations of Masonic ideology; and now Masons teach that idea the leaders of all religions. It is believed that sectarian religions, one and all, are filled with militant opposition to all other religions. But it is believed that there is still nothing that could suppress Masonry as the ideology of the New World Order and information age. That is why Masonry comes to the Church to preach peace, tolerance and human values, and, penetrating into the Church, Masonry immediately begins to fight against church dogmata and belief in the supernatural, which means it fights against Christ. On that basis, Christians who are unspotted with fornication of the harlot of Babylon, say, "Ecumenism is a path that leads to destruction. This is a new paradigm of a new church! Here it is, a terrible reverse side of ecumenism, of this dreadful phenomenon of our days, which loves to dress itself up in humane, egalitarian and peaceful clothes." We have to say just the same. «New Christianity of new mysticism» is nothing more than the harlot of Babylon under the power of the Jewish Freemasonry, the mystery of lawlessness, accession of the Antichrist, accession of the Jewish Messiah, the revelation of the man of sin, the son of perdition, predicted by the apostles.

Now, we are watching over the projects of ecumenism and prayer breakfasts. But what do we see? The triumphal accession of the harlot of Babylon. Thousands of Christian leaders in various denominations of Christianity, as dumb rabbits, charmed by the spirit of Satan, go into the mouth of the boa. It is expressed in a rich variety of falling away from Christ and the Gospel, but for all of those there are the words of the Apostle Paul, "The falling away comes first ..." It will happen, "according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders..." We also say that it is happening now precisely "according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders." How can that be that millions of Christians so meekly and listlessly are walking into the jaws of the beast? But the apostle Paul explains, "God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness..." These words namely explain the universal Christian spiritual fornication and rising up of the harlot of Babylon.

Some time ago there was a «prayer breakfast» in Washington, which was attended by the president of America Barack Obama, by a lot of congressmen, politicians, diplomats, public leaders, writers, journalists, artists and by a huge number of Christian leaders from five continents. There were also some leaders and representatives of other religions. The organizers and ideologists of the prayer breakfast characterize this phenomenon as follows, "The idea of the prayer breakfast means peace and consent of the elites. The National Prayer Breakfast is a unique social and spiritual forum where representatives of the society, religious confessions, government and business can communicate on spiritual topics and discuss urgent issues of all countries. Such type of event reflects community of participants, creates an atmosphere of unity and mutual understanding. Sharing everlasting Christian and human values, representatives of the government and the public are eager to participate in the development of civil society and social relations in a spirit of mutual responsibility and respect among nations, cultures and religious beliefs. They contribute to creating conditions for the spiritual and moral development of an individual, family, society and state" .Speakers at prayer breakfasts say that, "People gather primarily for communication. And everyone has the opportunity to reflect on the eternal values: peace is more important than war, you must not kill, it is necessary to take care of children and family. Americans indicate that they may have different political views, but they all have a common God." And it is namely a common prayer, with the participation of all who are present, a connecting link between all religious and secular communities.

The organizer and ideologist of the national breakfasts in America - Doug Coe, said the following, "We must be united in spirit, it will lead all of us to peace. The problem number one is the separation and alienation of people from each other. The only decision here is reconciliation and everybody has its own key to the reconciliation. The only solution is to forgive each other. I try not to judge anyone because I have not seen anyone worse than myself. We can not blame anyone, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. We try to reconcile people through our programs and various kinds of meetings. We try to find a way to be friends, relatives, brothers and sisters. We try to reconcile the countries. Those who organize the prayer breakfast, have found the tool that really works. Christ said that He would make us brothers and sisters in the light and you would become a source of living water. But it is also important to distinguish the true light from what has the semblance of light. We need a united world." It would seem that there is nothing antievangelical in these words, but some antievangelical position of the Masonic leader is clearly seen in them. And we say that even one of these paragraphs is full of spiritual compromising evidence and will certainly brought to God's judgment, but millions of Christians do not see it.

President Obama spoke the central speech. What do we see in his speech? Obama separated public and government affairs and issues from "personal religious beliefs ... Social and political tasks "require sound decision-making, require smart policies ... " so said Obama. And Christians applauded Obama's speech at the prayer breakfast. Obama said that Americans live in a pluralistic society and it means that their personal religious beliefs alone can't dictate their response to every challenge they face.. Obama said that the American way of life, American democracy has a special value and Americans should not leave these values, basing on personal religious beliefs. The values of the American way of life should motivate every American. Obama said that there is a golden rule in every major religion and in every set of belief - in Hinduism and Islam, and Judaism, and in the writings of Plato. And the essence of this rule is those who've been blessed have an obligation to use those blessings to help others. And it seems that there is nothing antievangelical in the words of the president, but alas! These words express clearly antievangelical Masonic position of the president. All of Obama's speech is full of spiritual compromising evidence and will certainly be brought to God's judgment, but millions of Christians do not see it.

Added By avinatal
Category Christian Translation
Author Vladimir Mazur
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Added On 09/24/2013 
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