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 About the prayer breakfast of the harlot of Babylon. Chapter 5

The belief in dogmas damages the universal love and tolerance. Chapter 5

Here is another aspect of anti-Christian tendencies of ecumenism and prayer breakfasts. It is expressed in the fact that the leaders and organizers of these events, omitting the Bible, exalt the scientific concept of "Christian sociology." Sociology as a science is the science about the functioning of society, the science about human relationships in society, study of groups and communities. Sociologists say:"Today our world is radically different from the past, the task of sociology is to help us understand the world and its future possibilities" but without orientation to God and the Bible, otherwise it is not a science. That is clearly a Masonic concept of the world in suppression of all religions. Christian sociology "as defined by Christian sociologists themselves is not the sociology of religion or even the sociology of the church, it is (allegedly) specifically Christian view on human society, but within the frames of the biblical moral criteria. Christian sociologists criticize secular social scientists calling them immoral, because they reject the Christian doctrine, but they say along with it that "the intellectual mission of the Christian social analytics is not to drive themselves in too narrow bounds of theoretical asceticism."Just as Obama said: we must avoid " phony religiosity." That is, Christian sociologists cut the Bible on their own, working for the social orders of their customers, i.e. for the authority exercising Masonic secularization of the world. It is particularly evident during prayer breakfasts and Christian summits - Christian social projects has become the most important goal of faith for all Christian religions, "not driving themselves onto the narrow boundaries of theoretical asceticism».

This concept is used to introduce into the world of Christianity the idea of Masonic Gnostic adogmatic system expressed as the following: The Masons-Christians are taught that the letter of Christian teachings contains abstract and unintelligible subtleties of dogmatics, therefore the letter of the Scripture must be the taken and filled from the outside with vital content, which, ostensibly, bears the essen?e of Christian religions. Here is an example. Masons ask: "What questions does Christ put? He does not ask people whether they believe in God or what is their attitude to Him? He asks them: "Have you clothed the naked? Have you given food to the hungry? Have you visited the sick? " And the parable of the Last Judgment is in the same context. " It means the concept of "Mother Teresa" dominates. It means that for the Masons religious belief itself is a pure theory which serves as an external symbol of life dispensation. For the Masons life dispensation is much more important than religious teachings. That means, as we say: the essence of idol's temple is much more important than God's word to the Masons.

In addition, the Masonic ideology of adogmatic systems claims to have universal values that can overcome the artificial boundaries and religious barriers. And such revolutionary restructuring of the Christian consciousness, allegedly forces through towards life, as such. Depreciating religious dogma, this concept, ostensibly, makes its way towards social and vital projects, bringing all religions to Unity. And dogmas, supposedly, always worked for divisions and hatred in all Christian faiths. Therefore, "Christian sociology" and Christian social projects have become a vital subject of faith for all Christian beliefs. Moreover, the term have appeared in the "Christian Sociology:" The role of God in the social life of mankind." That means, sociologists have given God the role in the worldly life - it is a sharp turn in the history of mankind! We have even the coolest term born: "Social Theology." Bulgakov wrote: "Christian sociology exists as a division of moral theology." But we shall wait for the results of the performance of this "moral theology division ." We think that they will be terrible. The place for the Christian has also been determined - not only salvation by Jesus Christ, but also an urgent need for understanding of social phenomena and the transformation of this world. But we say that no one accepts it by faith that "the heavens and the earth which are now preserved by the same word, are reserved for fire until the day of judgment, the earth and the works that are therein shall be burned." However, they propose the ideas of transformation of the world within the boundaries of its moral values.

If you get to the core of this tendency, you will see that the "humanistic values of humanity," as the moral criteria of ideology and behavior of all people, are introduced into the people's minds like a struggle with dogmas of all religions, the struggle with Christ. But we say that there are no moral and ethical criteria in the Bible, there is faith in Christ, there are commandments of Christ and the teachings of Christ, which is fully and perfectly sufficient for the salvation of man and for the existence of mankind. But faith, commandment and teaching as the saving essences of the Bible, are drawn aside away from people by ideologists of Freemasonry, instead moral and ethical criteria as a "universal humanistic values are imposed."But what is it if not the biblical "tree of knowledge of good and evil?" forbidden by God? And the rejection of the "tree of life"? For this reason, "Christian sociology" since long ago has been based upon moral and ethical criteria and general human values of good and justice, but not upon the faith in the gospel. So the Masons are going on, the ideas of humanism and "Christian socialism" are the basis for the relentless struggle against dogmata of all religions. Masons believe that in the dogmas of faith are of secondary importance or even harmful to the law of universal love and tolerance. On this basis, Freemasonry actively opposes not only to Christianity and Judaism, but, randomly to all religions. It shows the fulfillment of the prophecy of Daniel about the last king: "he will not regard any god; for he shall exalt himself above them all."

Added By avinatal
Category Christian Translation
Author Vladimir Mazur
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Added On 09/24/2013 
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