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 About the prayer breakfast of the harlot of Babylon. Chapter 6

There will not be a blissful socio-economic system on the earth!

Thus, the phenomenon of "adogmatic system" in modern Christianity has completely changed the entire world Christianity. Theological institutions around the world on the basis of this system have perverted the world of Christianity, adogmatizm has been the main disease in Christianity during the last centuries. Ecumenism is established upon it as well as prayer breakfasts and Christian summits. None of these meetings provides place for God's word. Christ and the apostles commanded Unity for God's people, but not only Unity, but also the unity of knowledge, but "adogmatic system" has led to impossibility of such unity. All discussions at these meetings are conducted in a completely different language, where the most basic Christian concepts have lost their meaning long ago, or are differently interpreted in various circumstances, so that any debate on God's word becomes absolutely impossible. We say that the Gospel truth about unity of faith and knowledge is the last and most important will of God for His church that is becoming perfect. However, we have been constantly facing a false conception in all the churches when they say: "Anything, but not the theology." Masons implement the destruction of churches through these words.

In the fundamental document of modern Freemasonry it is written: "Now it is considered to be the best to oblige members of Masonic brotherhood only to the religion which all men agree upon and to leave their special views to them." Having "personal theological opinions" is the basis of "adogmatic system" and ecumenical mind that becomes related with Masonic ideology is based upon it. Researchers of Masonic ideology say that Freemasonry does not have dogmas. Masons say that dogma is bad and that one should look for a different meaning of the words. Freemasonry because of its purely human and cosmopolitan character, avoids any dogmas. Religious dogmas divide people and easily lead to a conflict of opinion, - so say the Masons. And Masonry, ostensibly, does not want to divide people, but on the contrary, tends to gather in their lodges people of all beliefs. Masons believe that Freemasonry has its own particular world view, which may be acceptable for churches, synagogues and various religions. A true Mason is not bound by any confession of faith. He realizes that his religion should be universal: Christ, Buddha or Mohammed, - the name does not matter. A Mason acknowledges only the light itself, but does not acknowledge the bearer of it. A Mason prays at any shrine, worships before every altar: whether in the temple or mosque or cathedral, the main thing is to comprehend the unity of all spiritual truths. Dogma is bad, but the symbol is good. At the same time, Christian and any other dogmas, from the perspective of Freemasonry, are just a transitory symbols, hiding one unchangeable truth, which is uncovered through symbols by each individual Mason. Freemasonry believes that religious dogma or symbols are truths for the soul, a religion is a subjective need of a human heart, and therefore it can not be the subject of a dispute. This view of the dogmas and symbols overcomes all religious and sectarian divisions, - say the Masons. However it is important for the Masons that religious topics are not discussed in any of the lodges so that it doesn't serve to divisions. It is implemented in all the churches. Moreover, the symbolism of Freemasonry is adapted to all possible opinions, teachings and tastes, it attracts people and occupies the mind and imagination of the initiate. Symbolism preserves Freemasonry in its integrity as non-sectarian union, in spite of all the differences of religions, nationalities, national self-consciousness and individual aspirations. Symbolism connects the speculative and practical wisdom of all ages and peoples in one universal understandable language . Because of this, according to the Masons, Freemasonry has risen up to such understanding of religion, which alone is worthy of a free man.

Freemasonry says that its beliefs are so universal that they overcome all artificial boundaries created by man. And on this basis, the Masons consider themselves entitled to overcome the boundaries of all religions, that is, not sharing the dogmas of the church, to penetrate and overcome its dogmatic closure from the inside. We notice that even though the Masonic ideology looks like a propaganda of tolerance and peace, - in the church it turns into a war against the truth, the corruption of churches from the inside. It becomes evident in the doctrine of "private theological opinions" and "adogmatic system" that seeks to reconcile the irreconcilable: the co-existence of the Gospel truth with paganism, Islam and Judaism that are not related to it.

We can find the following information from ecumenical sources. Masons say that if a representative of any religion lives according to his faith by heart and mind and believe in what he says, then such an apologist can say a word of truth useful for everyone. The Masons say that " we must treat with deep thoughtfulness the fact, that people know about God experimentally, even if they express it by absolutely unacceptable forms of godliness or unacceptable world views». Transferring it to all religions of the world, they claim that "God can not be invented," and it means that "when a person says," I know experimentally that there is God's power ", it means that he has touched at least the edge of God's robe." The representatives of all religions operate freely and fully using this concept at ecumenical conferences and prayer breakfasts, as well as atheists, because the principle of indifference towards any denomination dominants in Freemasonry, provided, ostensibly, faith in God. That's why they operate mainly through suppression of religious dogma, but lift up primarily social projects, dealing, in particular, with such aspects as respect for human rights within the church, gender equality, women's rights, rights of sexual minorities and a dialogue with a secular society and non-Christian religions.

We say that Christ today can not reconcile Christians, today Christians can supposedly be reconciled only on the basis of social projects. Christian sociologists say: "Today, a new return to original sources is taking place in the area of Christian social teaching. Christians need to understand the nature of these changes in the social teaching, because specific position of the churches concerning law, social order, morality, human rights, individual and collective responsibility and freedom exactly depend on the social teaching. "But we say that Masonic concept of secularization is realized in it and adulterous Christianity is swallowing it up. When was it in true Christianity that the "position of churches depended on the social teachings?"It never was. But the agents of Masonic lodges continue to impose social projects and ideas in all religions by the following words: "Renewed social teaching of Catholicism, Protestantism and Orthodoxy must come to every Christian community, to every Christian. And it must be studied in universities as a Christian offer to the modern world. So it is necessary that social teachings of the churches are represented in all public discussions today. " That is, the concept of "Mother Teresa" dominates. For this reason, the ideologist and the organizer of prayer breakfasts Doug Coe said: "We try to reconcile people through the our programs and various sorts of meetings. It means those who organize prayer breakfast have found the tool that really works. " That is, the idea of "Christian socialism" has entered the breadth of the earth, displacing Christ to the outskirts of the mankind. That's how the idol's temple suppresses Christian confessions that are torn to pieces because of divisions, that's how the rejection of Christ is realized .

But the ideologists and leaders of Christianity say: "To teach the nations spirituality and morality is the task of the social teachings of religious organizations. Social teaching of Christian Churches in the 21-st century will search for new ways of expressing the truth about man and God. Renewed social teaching, interpreting a Christian ideal of social relations, will much stronger emphasize the importance of love . And the idea of human rights and rights of believers will become a part of the idea of beauty and harmony of the Unity in the future of mankind. Christ sent his disciples into the world, He sent them to convert the whole world, to spread Christianity on the entire secular way of man's being, that is, there should happen Christianization of governmental and public life. Secularization has not brought any good, it took away the soul and spiritual tradition from society. The sooner the idol of secularization is thrown down from public pedestal the less negative will be an impact on humanity . Christians have the right and should not only personally live by high standards of morality of the Gospel. Christians have the right and must offer their own social ideals and ideas to the whole social medium. They should not impose their own vision of the future, but calmly offer a Christian alternative for the sake of completely Christianized society. Now the ideal society of love of Benedict XVI (the present Pope) is a true prophecy for the future, a prophecy for the XXI-st and the following centuries. "

This is what Christian social ideologists say and even if they can not do anything like this in the world because it is not determined by God, as Paul said, "For when they say, "Peace and safety!" ... ", - it means "they will say," but they will not reach it, in any case, Christian sociologists naively believe that Christianity by its very nature can have a direct and indirect impact on all aspects of social life, turning the society towards "Christian socialism." The extent and magnitude of this impact can be different, depending on the particular circumstances of different nature. But in all cases Christ is behide Christianity. " So say Christian sociologists. But, alas! We say that the poet Aleksandr Blok expressed this idea in the best way: "Ahead of them - with bloody banner, unseen within the blizzard's swirl, safe from any bullet's harm, with gentle step, above the storm, in the scattered pearl-like snow, crowned with a wreath of roses white, ahead of them - goes Jesus Christ." But we say: "This is not about Christ, it is about the Antichrist, there is no bloody banner in the hands of Christ and his followers . Christ is not the servant of sin. He is not the leader of riots, wars and revolutions for the "the New World Order». And for this reason Christ is absent in ecumenical projects as well as in the summits and Christian prayer breakfasts. However, the deceived Christians do not see it.

But here are the words of a Mason: "The Bible guides our faith, the triangle does direct our actions, compass connects us with all humanity." So who can tell the difference between a Christian and a mason? (V.M. Pryamin- Morozov in his book "The encyclopedia of Occultism"): "Here's the first recipe: by a strong desire, by the true mood of I, Homme de desir, by a warm prayer magnetize the global environment and you will attract to yourself the elements that were individualized by it and they can contribute to your initiation. Those who are above you will become your patrons, and the lower ones will be available for your vampirism, you will, so to speak, have them as food, assimilate them into your body. Lofty universal love for all living beings, for everything manifested in humanity and nature serves as a powerful motivator or a tamer process of fruitful, evolutionary, redemptive meditation, presenting the main tool of our hermetic implementations. " So say the occultists, and we say that prayer and love, peace and security are powerful means of ecumenical implementations, Christian summits and prayer breakfasts. That's why they talk so much about love in all the churches, in fact, not revealing it by deeds. A prayer has been lifted up as universal means of achieving unity, peace and safety. So who can tell the difference between a Christian and a mason? Besides, we know that in the first initiations of Masonic lodges Christian virtues are preached such as the Gospel, Christ and the apostles are supposedly highly honored. We know that masons of the three lowest degrees, of the so-called «John's lodges», lodges of blue and golden color are dreamy preachers. Their password is: "Sow the seeds of the kingdom of light." Their virtues are obedience, self-knowledge, rejection of pride, love for humanity, generosity, goodness, humility, love to death; they are the symbols of ethical principles such as equality, brotherhood, love and nonresistance to evil. So who can tell a Christian from a mason? And how can the American president pray to Christ, giving orders to shed the blood of nations? It can't be possible. There is a general principle of the Lord, proclaimed by Samuel to Saul a long time ago, and it is true to this day: "Because you have rejected the word of the Lord, He also has rejected you ." These words are fully related to the Masons.

The prophetic words of David for all times are: "The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone. This was the Lord's doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes'." How do the Jews relate to them? In unbelief! And these words very precisely express the essence of rejection of Jesus Christ by the Jews. Who today are the "builders" as not "free masons" ?. Who can claim for a historic restructuring of the world as not the Jews? And what is the "stone" that they rejected, if not Jesus Christ? David declares by the prophetic spirit that this "stone has become the chief cornerstone," and he emphasizes that "this is from the Lord and it is marvelous in our eyes." The unbelief to their prophet of the Jews is evident. It follows that modern Jews can not turn to Christ Jesus as to a rejected "stone". So what is the reason for modern Christians to stand under the sign of a six-pointed star, as, ostensibly, the God's star, searching for unity with them? Today's Masons can not "gather around the name of Jesus", because the prophetic words of David, have already come true, Christ is rejected. Christ's kingdom is not of this world, and therefore - the kings and rulers who "counsel together against the Lord," will not achieve "peace and safety," there will be no blessed socio-economic system on the earth. Therefore all the programs of ecumenism, summits and breakfasts will not be realized. In recent years we observe the opposite - the so-called new "time compression": famine and revolutions, diseases and depravity of mankind, natural and anthropogenic disasters, result in the deaths of millions of people. And as soon as tomorrow there will be destruction of billions of people, as the Bible predicts. As Jesus warned indeed, "unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved." So no power, and especially Christianity, will turn the global society of "Christian socialism" to a fertile social and economic system on the earth.

But we read in the reports about prayer breakfasts, how the Baptist minister Peter Konovalchik thanked God for "a wonderful time of change in which we live, for democratic transformation in the society, the recognition by the government of the importance of the role of the church in the spiritual revival of the country ..."

S. Ryakhovsky (the head bishop of the Associated Russian Union of Christians of Evangelical-Pentecostal Faith” (ROSKhVE) expressed support to the Russian president, who is guided by "the high challenge of spirituality," and to the Russian Orthodox Church, which alone, as the "titular religion" can lead the process of spiritual revival of Russia. As far as religious education, all denominations must organize Sunday schools in large numbers where learning should include "tremendous respect for other confessions."

In his report, the president of the West-Russian Union of Seventh-day Adventists Vasiliy Stolyar gave an example of the interest of the state (in the face of the head of the Presidential Administration) in development of confessional educational projects aimed at "attracting the attention of young people to the eternal values of the Scripture." This list could be continued for a long time.

But we say - "adulterous concepts of adulterous leaders of adulterous religions ..." God's judgment is righteous for those.


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Author Vladimir Mazur
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Added On 09/24/2013 
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