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Based on Psalm 46:10 (KJV)

10 Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

My people, how precious you are to me.  I love you so much you are all my beloved children.  I love you so much that I came down to earth as man to live among you and to be like you.  I understand what it is like to be a human being.  I was human in every way, except sin, but I was also God.  To show you just how much I loved each of you, I gave my life for you and your sins on the Cross at Golgotha so that one day we could be together forever.  It was I who died on the cross, not you, even though your sins meant that you deserved to die because you were sinful before God, but I went in your place and paid the price for all of you.  I took the full punishment in your place.  Think about it and then give thanks to Almighty God for my Victory on the Cross.


My people, sin and death had no Victory over me, because I rose again and now I live among you in your hearts. I live with those who have accepted me as Lord and Saviour of their lives. The Holy Spirit lives in them and shows my people the extent of God’s love for them.


My people, in order to take in the full awareness of what I have done for you , I want you to meditate everyday quietly in your prayer rooms, or wherever you come to be with me daily, on my Passion, Death and Resurrection.  When you think about the enormity of what I did for you, the pain and suffering I went through, I believe my people that you will

try your best to surrender yourselves to me, focus on me and strive not to sin again.  You can only do this with my help and the guidance and support of the Holy Spirit who lives within you.


My people it is so important to pray continuously throughout the day. 

I want to be involved in every aspect of your lives, nothing is too unimportant for me, I want you to share everything with me, from the most important to the least important decision you make.  Don’t believe that I am too busy for you because I am always there for every one of my children who are precious to me.  Nothing is trivial or pointless to me.  I want to enjoy everything with you.  I want you to give me glory, honour and praise in every single thing you do.  If you do this, then all your actions will be pure and selfless.


My people; I love it when you give your hearts to me and I am always there for you, willing to help and answer your requests,  if I think it is for your good. 

However, it is also extremely important to “be still and know that I am God”; to be quiet and just rest in my presence, without saying anything and to bask in my glory.


My people; if you find that difficult; then try to say a mantra first and repeat it after pauses several times.  It is good using your favourite verse in scripture.  Try to be relaxed; sitting comfortably; and ignore any thoughts that disturb you.  If thoughts come your way, let them float through your mind without paying any attention to them, and then “be still and know that I am God” and seek and listen to that voice deep within your heart that tells you that you are my beloved children, who are loved by God. Rest in that peace and live and soak it in.


My people I love you so much.  Please show me that you love me by your obedience to my Will and love me by obeying my Commandments.  If you really want to love me then be obedient to me and then give my love to people all around you. 


The world is dark and sinful and a very sad place.  I need my people to be love bearers, to be different from the world; to show the world that I am alive and that one day I will come back to judge the world and take those who love me to be with me forever.


Written by Dominic and Marie-Hélène Bradshaw

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Author Dominic and Marie-Helene Bradshaw
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Added On 09/20/2013 
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