Even the rocks will cry out

 Deb teaches art at the Alliance Academy here in Quito.  I am going to brag on her a little, as she is an unbelievable artist.  Her passion and faith are so evident in the gift that the Lord has given her.  One of the ways that she uses her gift is through a Christian Service Outreach group that meets weekly during the school year.  It is made up of kids who want to use their talents to express their faith.  They paint murals in various locations throughout Quito, and they are truly something to behold.  Last year Deb and the kids were given the unique opportunity to take

their talent on the road.  They were invited to paint the Creation story in all it's glory on a huge wall in the Galapagos Islands, which is where our story begins.


The Galapagos, as most of you know, is where Charles Darwin came up with the idea of evolution.  There is one small church on the island, and a handful of believers.  In March of this year, Deb and her CSO kids spent their spring break painting the story of Creation on a wall where the single most inflammatory idea refuting Creation was

Born into existence.  This summer, Deb and her family were invited back to continue painting other stories on the island.  When they arrived in June, they discovered to their horror that the wall that they had painted less than three months earlier

was falling apart.  There were many explanations offered, from bad paint to the wrong kind of prep work being done in March.  After three weeks of fruitless efforts to shore up the wall, Deb was ready to call it quits and come home. 


The church people helping her begged her not to leave.  They decided that they needed to remove the sections of the wall that were crumbling and rebuild them.  They began to work, and as they chipped away, they discovered another wall beneath the first one.  Painted on the original wall was the STORY OF EVOLUTION.


One of the men, frustrated, grabbed an ordinary spatula, slid it behind a small section of the wall, and pulled.  Deb said that the entire wall came crumbling down.  She said that they stood there, ankle deep in crumbled cement, staring at an amazing testimony to evolution.  The church members began to sand the wall, removing the mural.  As they sanded, Deb said you could literally see the wall becoming stronger.  When they were finished, there was a clean, strong surface.  When my friend left the island, the original wall was covered with the story of Creation.  The wall is strong, covered and protected from the elements, and has, in its short life, become a main attraction for tour guides as they show visitors around the island.


I sat and listened to Deb tell her story today over coffee, and thought what an amazing God we have.  He will not share His glory with anyone.  Before He would allow His story to be told, the untruth needed to be exposed.


“I tell you,” he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.” ~Luke 19:40

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