The Power in the Name

Joan experienced a life-threatening event in her young life. She had been thinking about the truth that every knee shall bow in heaven and under the earth. She spoke the name of Jesus and it changed the course of the harrowing experience she lived through on that fateful August night in California.

In this small California beach front community this warm, lazy August day started like any other day for Joan. But this day was special; she would be celebrating her monumental 21st birthday.  She woke up excited and got ready for work. Joan worked in the roadside tavern which was located south of town. It was located on a lonely stretch of beach highway about two miles out of the center of town. Everyone in town knew her. She was pretty, vivacious and she stood over six feet tall. Her smooth, long, brown hair and sparkling green eyes made her stand out in a crowd.

She planned to have a small birthday party on the local stretch of beach near her house with a few close friends. She had been planning this party for months getting the invitations ready, picking out the food buying the marshmallows.  She planned to barbeque steak over an open fire and then enjoy the company of her friends for a simple overnight sleep out on the sand. She dreamed of relaxing in her sleeping bag to stargaze under the open night skies which was a favorite pastime of hers. Little did she know this birthday party would go tragically wrong…?

The morning at the tavern was fairly quiet but that afternoon picked up significantly until closing time. During the afternoon rush an older looking man came in for lunch and he plopped down at one of the tables Joan waited on. “What can I get for you?” “What is your name?” “What can I get you for lunch?” “You can go on a date with me tonight beautiful.” “Sir for the last time what can I get you for lunch?” “You can go out on a date with me tonight.” Joan rolled her eyes and shook her head, “John would you escort this gentleman out of here?” “He is making unwanted advances toward me.” “Ok buddy let’s go!” The man looked over his shoulder, “PRINCESS YOU WILL REGRET THIS!”

Joan went about her business forgetting the incident. Closing time quickly came and Joan and her friends headed out to the beach to start the celebration.  Later on Joan looked out of the corner of her eye thinking she saw a dark figure lurking behind the nearby rocks. “Guys did you see a shadowy figure over there?” Her friends shook their heads no. Suddenly, a lone dark figure appeared from out of the rocks and walked rapidly towards the fire!” Hello beautiful tell your buddies to leave us!” The earth seemed to shake under Joan’s feet.  Her mind started racing, it’s the creep that was in the tavern this afternoon.  She could see the moonlight reflecting off the large knife blade he hid behind his back. “TELL YOUR BUDDIES TO LEAVE US ALONE OR I WILL START CUTTINGTHEM UP!”

Ah! Ah the thought flashed through her mind “Bind Him in my name. Remember every knee shall bow in heaven and under the earth. “IN JESUS NAME DROP THAT KNIFE AND GET OUT OF HERE! “ Just as quickly the man had entered their space he left. He dropped the knife and walked away disappearing into the night.  The life-threatening situation ended as quickly as it appeared because Joan used the power in the name-Jesus!

That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth...Philippians 2:10

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