My dear people, I love you so much, you are precious to me.  My people, I so want every single person to be with me for eternity.  I created every one of you to be happy, joyful, peaceful and healthy and to have a close    personal intimate relationship with me your dear heavenly Father who loves you unconditionally, and I call you to be with me forever.  That is my sincerest desire for every single one of you, my dearest children.


However, not all my people seem to want this.  So many of my children are seeking ways that are contrary to my Will, and that profoundly distresses me.  It upsets me so much that my heart is broken, and the whole of Heaven grieves with me when they see the disobedience of some of my children.  Unless they repent and turn from their ways, they wonít be with me forever.


My children, please, please I beg you, and that is from the heart of the Father who loves you so much, turn away from your selfish pursuits and pleasures, renounce yourselves, take up your crosses and follow my Sonís example (see Mark 8:34-36). Be obedient totally to God by following His Commandments and seek to do His Will.  If you lose your lives my children for me, and my Heavenly Kingdom, you will save your lives and your lives will be meaningful and purposeful and you will bear fruit and when you are called from this earth, you will enjoy eternal heavenly joys, and I will be so happy that you will be with me forever. 


My children, you can do it!  Youíre not alone.  I will help you if you trust me, ďand I will never leave you nor forsake you,Ē (Hebrews 13:5) and you can do anything through Jesus Christ who gives you strength (see Philippians 4:13).  I know everything about you and I know exactly what is best for you at any given moment.


So my children please give yourselves to me!  Follow my ways and be obedient to me, your Heavenly Father, do my Will and turn from your sinful ways, and if you persevere in this way even through trials and tribulations, I promise you, you will be with me forever.  Just think of it, you will be happy forever! Isnít it worth it? I am looking forward to you being with me forever, so march onwards on the narrow road that leads to Heaven.


God Bless you!


Written by Dominic and Marie-Helene Bradshaw

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