Christian Women in Media Hosts Rick Santorum

NASHVILLE, Tenn, Nov. 13, 2014/Christian News Service/ — Former U.S. Senator  Rick Santorum will be keynote speaker for Christian Women in Media Association’s quarterly regional evening dinner event on Thursday, November 14, at Hillwood Country Club in Nashville , Tenn.

Santorum, now CEO of EchoLight Studios—America’s fastest-growing Faith & Family film company and first film company to produce, finance, market and distribute faith-based family films across all releasing platforms—announced his new venture in June on FNC’s The Huckabee Show.

“EchoLight has a full pipeline of films with established directors and a growing cadre of Faith & Family stars as committed as the directors and producers,” said Santorum. “We’re in a position with potential to transform the industry!”

Santorum, no newcomer to media, is excited about this new undertaking with EchoLight.  “This is the right place and right time, and I’ve jumped in with both feet!  EchoLight is a wide door into movie excellence, and to more of it,” Santorum said, “which is why we’re also helping to cultivate young filmmakers in the faith community.  I often say, that culture is upstream from politics, and I know entertainment also can be strength and light for people who want to be uplifted and reinforced in their values.”

EchoLight Studios is gearing up for the November 22 release of “The Christmas Candle” movie.  The movie, written by best-selling author Max Lucado, is a timeless story about the miracle of Christmas and features singing sensation, Susan Boyle, in her acting debut.  For more information, please go to:

Rick Santorum was born in Winchester, Virginia; later moving to Pennsylvania where he served as U.S. Senator from 1995 to 2007 and Presidential Candidate 2012. Santorum and his wife Karen and their seven children now make their home in Great Falls, Virginia.

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